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Cultured Marble & Cultured Granite

Beauty, Versatility in design, seamless construction, cleanability and low cost are the main advantages of utilizing Cultured Marble for your bathroom.

Cultured Marble is composed of crushed marble and stone mixed with polyester resin then molded to create beautiful vanity tops, shower back splashes and baths. Each part is individually cast and pigmented making each piece unique in its color and pattern. Parts can be cast into almost any shap allowing the production of highly customized designs.

As with Cultured Marble, Cultured Granite is beautiful, versatile and nearly seamless from tub to shower. In addition, the low cost makes it a nice alternative to natural stone.

If you like the look of stone you will appreciate the amazing likeness that can be created with cast polymer. Items such as vanity tops can be cast in one piece with integral bowls and back splash minimizing crevices.

A soft sponge, mild soap and water is all that is required for routine maintenance.

Visit our showroom to see samples and learn more about Cultured Marble or view photos in our Photo Gallery (Tubs, Whirlpool, Showers and Vanity Tops).